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In February 2021, I will be participating in the #Write28Days Challenge.  This means you should see a new post from me each day throughout this month!


Daily Posts – February 2021

1: Writing to create new dreams (Word Prompt: Disappoint)

2: Finding reasons to get out of bed (Word Prompt: Enthusiasm)

3: Learning will never grow – even when I do (Word Prompt: Learn)

4: There is beauty in creation (Word Prompt: Make)

5: Sunrise – an inspirational poem (Word Prompt: Sunrise)

6: Awe (a short story) (Word Prompt: Awe)

7: Let Your Light Shine (Word Prompt: Emphasis)

8: Siblings (Word Prompt: Exasperated)

9: 3 ways to re-energize the muse (Word Prompt: Energize)

10: The Cabin (Word Prompt: Predicament)

11: The Bully (Word Prompt: Argument)

12: The Locket (Word Prompt: Awestruck)


14: The Magic of Creativity (Word Prompt: Creativity)

15: Habit – a short poem (Word Prompt: Habit)

16: Dumb Luck (Word Prompt: Serendipity)

17: So, what do you want to be: (Word Prompt: Profession)

18: A Bullish Encounter (Word Prompt: Experience)

19: You Are There – poem (Word Prompt: Observant)

20: Softly – a poem (Word Prompt: Peaceable)

21: Ways Reading Aids a Troubled Mind (Word Prompt: Recuperate)

22: Mirror a short poem (Word Prompt: Resemble)

23: A Matter of Perspective (Word Prompt: Perception)

24: Persistence a poem (Word Prompt: Persistent)





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