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Under Another Sky

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Under Another Sky is a Fantasy – Science Fiction Serial.


Story follows a broken woman on a fantastical, life-altering journey.

After losing everything, Kris Moyer begins a new life as a teenager in another nearly identical world to her own.  

Or so she thought.

Here this world is not only inhabited by humans but by nonpersons (not fully human with special abilities) – where co-existence has been volatile even in the best of times.

Kris’ normal life would be upended when she’s bitten by a werewolf. Instead of turning, she learns that the bite has awaken an ancient power within her.  

She is then sent away to a specialized academy for nonpersons because the “regular” schools did not want her “kind.”  

But when the world is besieged by an unknown dark force, the humans would look to these special kids to help save them all.

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