Anya shrugged. “I don’t think there is anything we can do. I mean, Leia’s parents are part of the regional Council so they’re trying to intercede for us.”

A horn blared from a distance.

“That’s Marc.” The girl replied.

“In other words, we do nothing?” Kris asked.

Anya nodded once. “Yeah. We do nothing except act as normal as possible.”

Kris wanted to ask if they’d gone anywhere else beside the Boerne’s residence but decided against it.

“Hey, I thought you were grounded.” She said instead.

“Oh, I am.” Anya winked and left.


Kris sat at her desk and stared at the blank notepad.

Her mind was empty. Her emotions completely numbed.

She’d spent the past hour researching the information needed for the History class’ assignment: Listing all the countries that no longer existed after The Great War ended.

This world had just became more foreign than ever.

According to the book – History Revisited, the human’s “aversion” to nonpersons went back to the dawn of civilization.

Evidently, there was an even greater war around this period that destroyed any historical records and artifacts which could have provided answers as to why these two cultures were at odds with one another.

There had been countless of skirmishes and battles between countries and kingdoms throughout recorded history, but they all had one thing in common – the root of each conflict was which should be the dominant culture.

Everything came to a head in the 1940s resulting in The Great War that raged in nearly every continent across the globe for twenty-five years.

The War pitted nonpersons with their abilities against humans with their advanced technology which resulted in staggering death toll and destruction for both sides.

Finally in 1967, the peace treaty was signed bringing the end to The Great War.

As laid out in the Treaty, technology was to be drastically limited for the Common Humans while every nonperson was to be registered with the Ministry of Peace and refrained from using their abilities in public.

Kris shook her head in attempt to jumpstart her brain.

Okay, that would explain why she never saw a computer or cell phone or even a microwave anywhere.

Even though she’d only been in this realm for a few days, she wondered why she never actually met a nonperson.

Or perhaps she did and just never knew since it appeared to be taboo to let their kind be known out in the open.

And from what she seen and heard, in her mind, it was the humans who emerged as victors from the War although they gave up most of their technology.  

If that was so, then why treat nonpersons as if they were lower than scums?

Why can’t they just live in harmony somehow?

Kris glanced over to the thick book and flipped through it. 

There were graphic images that showed the immensity of the destruction, of the hatred that each culture had for one another.

She learned the names of each country that no longer existed and began to write their names on the notepad.

She was horrified to read that humans resorted to nuclear weapons during The Great War in attempt to wipe out countries with large nonperson population – many who once lived in Africa.

Jaff entered her mind.

Was he a nonperson?

She shook her head.

No, he couldn’t be or else Marc wouldn’t be treating him like one of his buddies.

Slamming the book shut, she set the pen down and closed the notepad.

This assignment has left her utterly drained.

She no longer desired to know anything more about the history of this realm.

Too disturbing.

Too everything.

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