Mr. Munts spent the entire class reviewing the process of writing an essay. His monotone voice nearly drove Kris crazy as she stared at her own paper.

A D-? 

Who the heck wrote this paper since it obviously wasn’t her?

She wanted to find out so she could give that person a piece of her mind.

She noticed that the teacher had stopped talking and she peered up to see him and his briefcase walk out of the classroom.

A moment later a petite woman entered and took over the spot where Mr. Munts previously stood.

The woman couldn’t be more than twenty. Her blonde hair cut short, and she had eyes as blue as the sky.

All she carried was a very large book which she placed down on the table.

She turned to the class and smiled.

But the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“Good morning class.” She said.

“Good morning, Miss Smith.” Several students replied.

Mainly boys.

Kris fought not to roll her eyes.

“Please take out your book and turn to page 132.”

Book? What book? Panic filled her as she lifted the lid of her desk and found it to be void of any books.

Only pens and pencils and erasures and past homework and papers littered the metallic belly.

Her bag had been resting between her feet all this time and she looked down on it.

Reaching for the flaps, she pulled them apart.

Her mouth dropped.

The bag was filled with books.

How was that even possible when the previous night there was only ONE book inside?

Shaking her head, she rummaged through and pulled out a large book titled – Art Theory.

Seconds later, she found page 132.

“Today we will be going over the seven elements of art.” Miss Smith was saying.

Oh darn – this class was going to be nearly as boring as the previous one.

Kris struggled not to yawn.

“These elements are the building blocks which the artist uses to create their work of art.” Miss Smith continued.

It was a struggle that she lost as her mouth fell open and she barely stifled a “ahhh-hhhaa!”

Movements caught her attention and she turned to see two teenage guys entering the room.

One was tall, athletic with light brown hair and walked as if he owned the world.

The other, dark skinned with black hair, was shorter but equally athletic.  Kris nearly choked in the middle of her yawn when he glanced her way and smiled.

Their entrance interrupted the teacher in mid-sentence.

“Nice of you two to join us.” She said. “Unfortunately, I will need to give each of you 5 demerit points for tardiness.”

“Whatever.” The tall boy muttered with a grin as he took one of the vacant desks.

The other took the desk directly behind him.

Kris heard someone “Psst!” nearby.

She turned to see that it was Anya who was all smiles.

“Told you that Principal Sharpe wouldn’t be able to boot them out.” She beamed.

So, Marc and Jaff finally in the flesh.

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