Name a career or field other than writing where you can explore and be in more than one profession.

Hmm, anything?

As a writer, you can be whatever you want.

The only limitation is what you placed on your imagination.

In Historical Fiction, you could be a baker during the Great Fire of London, or you could be a nurse tending to Civil War soldiers.

In Mystery, you could be a cop working to bring down the mobsters, or a private investigator trying to piece together the puzzles of what happened to a teenage girl who suddenly went missing.

In Fantasy, you could be a teacher whoโ€™s working for a secret academy that specializes in gifted children, or youโ€™re a Prince in search of a stolen jewel in hope of saving your kingdom from an evil wizard.

In Science Fiction, you could be a scientist developing a technology that may save mankind from an impending ecological apocalypse, or a pilot training to fly a crew to a newly discovered planet in another solar system.

In the genre you write, what other professions can you think of or have included in your stories?