Strolling down the memory lane today —


If you grew up with siblings, you probably could remember how exasperating they can be.

In the era we grew up, my siblings and I were known as the latch-key kids.

Dad worked for a grocery store, and Mom was a telephone operator.

At the age of 13 and being the eldest, I watched my younger brother, Rick (age 7), and sister, Jaime (age 5) every day after school until one of our parents come home (usually by dinnertime).

On this cool Fall afternoon, Rick and I got into an argument (over what – I can’t remember 😉), and I sent him to his room.

Our home was a split-level Ranch style house with the main part of the house on the upper level. In the lower level were the basement, garage, and a corner section was a finished bedroom that was my brother’s.

The room was originally mine, but I couldn’t stand the spiders.

Anyway, I sent him to his room.

A few moments later, he came back upstairs.

I sent him back and locked the entrance to the main house.

He snuck out of the garage and entered the house through the back door.

I sent him back, and locked that door.

Again, he snuck out of the garage, but this time somehow climbed up the side of the house and crawled through the bathroom’s window.

I was furious.

This boy would not mind anything I said.

So, I did the only thing I could think of.

I went to my bedroom, slammed the door shut, and stayed there until Mom came home.

Even to this day, my siblings still pick on me about my temper tantrum. 😉