I love learning new things, and if I had my way, I’d be a professional student.

This is probably why I stayed so long in college.

Well, one of the reasons.

Seven different colleges in eight years.

Yes, you read that right.

Can’t tell you how many times I changed my major.

Everything interested me.

However, the student loans are killing me since I really didn’t earn any decent degrees to show for (the Physical Education degree didn’t land me in any good paying jobs unfortunately).

Initially, my first interest was to get a degree in Journalism. The vision I had in my head was the opportunity for traveling and meeting interesting people.

I talked myself out of it though thinking I lacked the right personality to do that kind of job.

Then I thought maybe English?

The idea of writing papers on topics I had little interest in or having my papers picked apart mercilessly by the professor turned me off.

So, I chose Exercise Science since I was an athlete who’d love to work with other athletes.

We know how that turned out in the end.

Still, my love for learning never changed.

Whenever there were free classes or workshops offered on topics I found interesting, I signed up.

I believe I’ll be doing this well into my senior years.

This body may be slowly failing me, but my mind is eager and active.

Until recently, I wrote mainly dark fiction and poetry.

Now I want to learn more about writing fantasy and stories with fantastical elements.

My childhood days spent in the Adirondack Mountains were magical.

I want to experience it all again, and I want my readers to experience them with me.


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Ghandi